Its easy to keep your house tidy.A messy cluttered house drains your energy and often times you end up dreading to clean it.But you can make your life easeir by keeping things tidy on a daily bases by following a few steps.
.Always put things back to their original place after use
.Teach everyone in the house including your children to tidy up after themselves such as picking up their toys,putting rubbish in the bin and putting dirty clothes in the laudry baskets.
.Have a disignated space for every item in the house e.g laundry baskets,shoe racks,hang/stand for school bags and hats etc
.Clean up all spills before they get dry.
.Avoid touching areas with dirty hands e.g fridge doors,cupboards door handles,walls etc unless you are prepared to clean soon after
.Schedule your laundry and dishwashing
.Teach your children basic principles-if you drop it ,pick it up,if you spill it ,clean it up,if you use it put it back etc.This makes everyone responsible for their own actions.
.Allocate tasks to each other as this usually helps ensure things are done as scheduled.
Follow this and your cleaning day will be much lighter.