Bathroom is the last place most people like to  clean yet we cannot avoid visiting the place.

The following steps will help you clean your bathroom  efficiently and hopefully quicker than you thought.

  • Declutter by removing all items that could be in your way.This helps you clean faster and efficiently .You dont want to waste time by having to  constanly move items as you clean.Its easy to leave dirty around and under items if they are not removed from your working space.
  • Dust all dry areas using designated duster:Trust me this will save you heaps of time as wetting a dusty surface will create more dirty and this may take you longer to clean.
  • Remove hair from wet areas using a dispossable cleaning towel/toilet paper.Hair can be very annoying if not delt with before the main clean.
  • Vacuum the floor first before wetting any area of the bathroom??.It sounds like a waste of time but trust me ,this reduces the amount of time you spend on mopping the floor.
  • Pretreat the shower ,toilet and tub with your desired cleaning chemical/s and allow it to work according to the manfacturer`s instructions.
  • Clean all areas as per your method and let it dry before putting all items back to their original place.
  • Mop the floor as the last step and allow it to dry before putting all items back to their original place